Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the hills are alive...

with the sounds of music~ hahaha..i can sing that song forever..ahaks..well, now it's my time to reminicse those childhood time when i would love to watch the movie, but not being an english-minded movie buff my father was (skang pon), i always cant watch "the sounds of music" on tv..even if i got to watch it, i always slept halfway..as this movie is always at night..you see my bedtime is about 10pm when i was a child..so, say if the movie has to stop at 12midnite for news...of course la my eyes cannot tahan~ so, sleep i was..hahaha..but this movie always be in my favorite..oh, semuanya la feveret..ahaha..but this one, is. :D

dvds is what i bought down south..."rambang mata" has gotten me 2 movies in 1 price (the sound of music+west side story) musicals that was great! i only watch wss for the first time and i find it deserved the oscars for its outstanding performance..it was unexplainable..(sbb malas nk celoteh lebih2)..lalala..and i managed to got my reason to go sg, the black parade is dead! and comes together with not-meant-to-buy 2disc radiohead, the best of..awesome albums! (berbaloi tau!) cant wait to go back sg rokam and layan mcr with sistas~! td dah jeleskan sorang...hahahaha..and check out my fb status..i am married...ahahaha..of course i am kan..to g.a.w, who else..ahaks~!

what else..oh, i bought too ck one perfume~! yeay! 200ml, jgn main2! ari2 nk mandi ngan die..ahaks. itu jekla kot..:D

oh, the trip was a short one..actually, i want to go back at mon..but friend got hal keluarga, so..short it was..and believe me, it was hectic~! penat..and i dont know how i gonna work today~! now being 127am and me not sleep yet~! ini semua sbb extreme mocha la nie..hopefully me OK..hv to do some works n thinking...hopefully tabah la saya, tk tido untuk hari ini. :D

yes, the trip got me to new places, i never been..namely bugis street (is it?) lupe plak..+ other side of little india and sim lim (sg's lowyat)..but it was fun and good. and thanks kazen, bawak kitorg jalan2. :D jasamu dikenang sampai bila2. the trip also saw me being nagged, kene marah by bibik. hehehe. and also the "kenapa makin gemok?", "bila nk kawin", etc etc..ni baru jumpe bibiks ni..kalau jumpe obeks, sure lagi bising..so, the next trip to sg? end of the yr, maybe? i vowed to bring mak over to visits her siblings. ;) insyaAllah, Mother~ i bawak k..:D:D semoga dimurahkan rezeki..;)

today, was my lazy day~! woke up at 10..ker 11? silap besar trus dok dpan PC, i was stuck until 12..chatz+works~! so mcm ingatkan nk gi opis..tp tk dpt la kan...masak nasi goreng patty burger daging..pastu tgk the west side story..sekerat2..pastu terlekat lg dpan PC, chatz+works..huhu
at 6 brlah boleh gerak ke mv, hv to buy cats dearest foods. geram sungguh dgn alvin dok nk mkn smpah jek..huhu..plus he merajuk dgn i..asik kene marah je kan..eee..geram2! dn sy beli kasut sukan..:D yelah nk bersukan nie...hehe..btul~! serius nie..nmpak tk org serius ni? :p

pastuuu...mlm, setelah berhempas pulas bawak 3 plastik brg kucing yg berat (nasib baik lif berfungsi), satu beg plastik roti cheese harga rm8, 1 beg berisi extreme mocha dan satu paper bag kasut sukan....sambung tgk west side...tgkla..2.5 hrs movie cum setengah hari screening nie..apa kes? konon bz lah kan..ahahaha..mmg pon...i was so stress..but i still keep cool about this..:D oh, asnani kata nk anta baju..tp tk jadiii..huhuhu..lmbt lagi la i pakai baju kurung baru nie..:

takpe takpe..nk pakai baju biru nie..to complement my blue handbag..tp mcm nk pakai seluar..rasa gemok..nk pakai baju kurung biru..mcm tkde yg sesuai..hummm~! *thinking* hum humm..tidakkk....tatau nk pakai baju apa? hahaha..

so, might as well i just stop thinking and start working..okla ye~! the hillllllssssss areeee aalllliiiveeeeee....~~~ withhh the sounddd of musiiicccc~!! cheers~!

oh, happy birthday david, budak SI busuk..(hopefully he didnt read my blog~! well he didnt i guess~!) ahahahaha.

oh, cheers to hecticc week~! ;) i LOVE my JOB~!

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