Friday, August 08, 2008

08 Aug 08

didnt realize i have updated on the 08.08.08. well, i didnt get married aint i ,on the date of the yr? ahaks..anyhoo, i have the most tiring day today. actually slept on 3am and hv to wake up early (to teman my youngest sister for her operation @hkl). guess, guess! siapa yg bgn lmbt? me lah, of course. but managed to reach destinantion before 9am. and silly me, brought laptop but without power cord+sis's book+jemputan kawin@ipoh. uhuks. so silly me and i was very ngada2 have to tell was like, my body's here when my mind was on works. uhuks. but really, tired! with no internet connection (unlucky me!) i was quite blur. and my eyes didnt help either..but i want bed to sleep on..huhuk..bukan kerusi keras kt hospital.

and help, the waiting is unbearable..huhu. i've watched southpark@ipod. funny kenny~! well, sleepy gile tp takleh tido. i endure it..for half day! and then went for lunch at klcc. konon nk ke kino, tp terkandas, sbb boleh ke masa tu la plak, mgmt klcc nk buat renovation kt surau~! dh la jauh nk gi surau besar what we did plan jz-operated sis want to go to kl sentral the pudu.cos nk anta die naik bas. nk jugak blk ipoh akhirnya bernti kt pudu and solat there..and carik tiket..dpt kol 6 and it's only 4.30? haha. me ajak her to starbucks..and we managed to get 20%off for 3 separated bought frap. malu tau i ngan adik barista tu..sure die pon mcm..apahal org2 kampung pnah minum ke apa? akaka..anywayyy~ lepak'd until kol 530..and me+with other sis...kakak2 yg tk syg adik die nie...insistance tknak anta semula younger sis to pudu..hehe..jahat sgt ni.sorry dear! i mmg sgt tk larat..huhuk (tp pastu boleh plak rambang mata beli kasut ngan dvds/cds kt kotaraya!) huhu..mmg confirm kene buang kasut2 ni..uhuks..or else i would hv like garbage of shoes at my racks..itu blom lg yg kt opis. gila kasut ke apa aku ni? hahaha.

anywayyyyy~ i love my buyings + pau'd..ahaha..thanks yana! i bought anime "Ah, my goddess~" which i watched during my younger years. i that old? i dont think so~ oh, ngan 2 other anime+1 korean movie+1 japanese movie..but home dgn rasa serba salah nk gi opis ke tk semula..since there are actually more works to be done..with working weekends, again~! i jz dont know whether can go to jemputans ni..satu dh mintak parents wakilkan dah..and this one..i would love to go! how? huhu..pastu me+yana+her bf went pasar mlm and mkn tgk anime..hooray~ uhuks..08.08.08 went by quite fast..and i kinda miss you.

hoho. miss you too bff. and i dont know when to fit us in weekends. huhu..we shall talk about this~! now, please let me sleep, my dear self. goodnite! (same as you!haha)

psst..i might want to run away to sg for a bit..ahaha.

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