Saturday, August 30, 2008

i love my once-owned-ibook~

i did blogged something about my ibook. the first time i used it..humm, i wonder where was it..since my modblog's gone, and i dont know where i put the back-up file..hahaha..

so, to let the bygone be bygones..huhu..byebye dear's been almost 5months now since i've last touched've been good..real good. i just hope all the info+pix+memories been deleted by your taker..whoever that is..semoga berbahagia lah dgn harta i..:p

anyhoo..guess who's typing her blog with a new lappy? me is. please to introduce to you all...a proud owner of compaq (murah jek..but it suits me) and a new user of vista (i hope it suits me well too)... dn sgt tk get my hands on imac (kite tgk jekla bila boleh dpt yg tu..:P) well..with amd and 2gb of memory and 160gb of hard sure of me to be very intimate with my new gadget..ahaks..oh, so many to update in here..on my lappy of course..mental note, hv to copy my 20gb mp3s from precious~! (ala2..damn tk igt nama...oh, smeagol!) ekeke..

byk juga nk kene diupdate ni..personal+works...huhu..gotta do a list about it..:D oh..updates~!

firstly...lupa plakkk...dear hommie~! selamat hari lahir! semoga panjang umo + murah rezekiii~!! luvya~!

then..i've lepakked at starbucks ita myself a pack of coffee..tah bila nk stat minummm...and pau dia tgk "babylon a.d." yeayyy~ i like~! vin diesel was sooooo machoooo laa...huhuhu..thanks for making my day, vin! ihiks..boleh ke?'s gonna be a longgg night now..have to kemas rumah segala..tomorrow hv to go out early for a catch-up session with nani..ihiks..apa nk belanja die ni ye? hum humm..oklaa...taking care all~ selamat hari merdeka?!



phatgurl said...

congrats on your new laptop my fren... (ada ke wish cenggini?)

mieouw said...

dahlah beli kaler hitam, konfem pastu penuh ngan bulu alvin & brad, jadi itam belang2 putih hahaha

tuan punya said...

hahaha..boleh yatoq, bole~ :P

hehehe...hitam menawan..ok la tuh..yg laptop pinjam pon dh penuh ngan DNA derang..apatah lagi laptop sendiri..muahaha