Thursday, August 21, 2008

bon anniversaire~

hehe..b4 the day end! i would like to announce that it is the 3rd month anniversary me+roomie taking care of not so little, and me thinking it's been years~! ahahaha

saiko kan? no ribbons, no cake, no what-so-ever. me dok belai2 dear alvin+brad aje..ahaks..dh gatal2 i nie..:))

itu aja..nothing much! we talked, but virtually and slow responsively..

please lemme out of this misery..tolong bgn awal esok, plis plis many errands to do! wake up wake up!

oh, b4 blah..baru jek lpas nonton "forgetting sarah marshall". oklah..:D:D not recommended for the little ones!

ok, take care! semoga hari esok lebih ceria dari hari ini. wish me lucks~!

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