Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I give my hopes and fears to you.

Kindly please listen and hopefully understand, what i'm trying to tell you.

I love to see us in somewhere only we know, for this is the last time albeit only the first time and also the last i give up my ego. To finally have the courage to tell you what i really feel.

I bend and sometimes break for all the things you've said and done, for what i've said and even done.

Sometimes, I really feel that we might as well be strangers, despite things we share and do.

Everybody's changing. it's constant, undeniable.

Your eyes open for something i didnt see or know. But, someday I hope to see, to know.

She has no time, neither do i and seriously, i dont think i cant stop now or maybe i wont see any sunshine, for all that i've seen and will see means nothing to me without you.

what we have can be untitled but i really want it to be something worth keeping. bedshaped, as strong as i may seem, i still feel somewhat low for who i am. what i become.

dont want to be snowed under, dont wanna waste my time again.

we might as well be strangers, but tell me that we might not.

tell me that we are not. thank you.

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